Wax lyrical… how the most expensive cars in the world look their best

We all have dream cars. Cars that inspire, excite and fuel our passion. Whilst they may no longer be a poster on our youthful bedroom wall, they are certainly firmly fixed in our memories as iconic examples of the finest automobiles that the motoring world has ever produced.

The 250 GTO, the Muira, the Bugatti, the Enzo. It's a rare and exclusive list of very special cars.

Most of us are very lucky to even see these motoring legends, but what if your job not only gets you up close and personal, but their owners entrust you with looking after the car’s appearance … ‘Here are the keys to my £20 million pound Ferrari, now make it look even more beautiful.’

Let me introduce, Richard Tipper of Perfection Detailers. We have personally known Richard for nearly 20 years and during that time he has been entrusted with every single one of Page and Cooper’s cars. He's turned mundane cars into magnificent, ordinary cars into ‘oh my’ cars. 


It is Richard’s extraordinary attention to detail that has gained him a clientele of some of the most important car collectors, exclusive classic car dealers and even world manufacturers. Remember the Singer 911 recently on Top Gear? That was prepared by Richard. The Porsche 911 at the top of the 50th anniversary of the 911 sculpture at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, again prepared by Richard. Here is just a short extract from his portfolio:

12 Ferrari F40’s

5 Ferrari F50’s

4 Ferrari Enzo’s

2 Maserati 250F (one was ex Fangio)

9 M3 CSL’s

15 Porsche 2.7RS (the light green RHD was the only one in the world)

The Le Mans winning Jaguar XJ9R

The world’s only Ferrari 410S Berlinetta 

6 Ferrari 599 GTO’s

4 Porsche Carrera GT’s

5 Ferrari 365 GTB Competizione's

1 Porsche GT1 road car (only built 25)

In fact we'll let you into a little secret. Whenever we have a hand built model to check, it’s Richard we ask to inspect all the little details, who else would have an intimate knowledge of every nut and bolt in a 250 GTO?

As you can imagine, Richard has been asked many times to endorse different products, but he felt that no one company offered all the different materials and treatments that he required. Instead he chose only those products that he felt were the best for the task at hand.

During more than 20 years of constant research and development, Richard has looked for a final wax that would combine the benefits of two of the valeter’s most useful tools. The unique and unmistakable carnauba wax finish coupled with the durability of modern PTFE.

After years of research he has finally released his own ‘Perfection Valet Wax’ which contains 100% pure white carnauba which when emulsified with various oils and fruit extracts equates to a massive 66% by volume. It also contains considerable quantities of PTFE. This unique formula will give a car 8-10 months of incredible shine and protection. Following Richard’s careful instructions you can expect up to 30 applications which should give you over twelve years of use from one tub.

Page and Cooper are proud to be the exclusive reseller for Perfection Valet Wax. As we say at Page and Cooper it’s all about the detailer!