What defines a luxury watch?


Luxury is a puzzling and rather subjective word. One person’s idea of luxury might be completely different to somebody else’s. I for one, have always recognised the phrase as connoting a product or service which is superior in comfort, taste, function or perhaps refinement.

Whatever your opinion, luxury often denotes the desirable, the aspirational and the expensive in equal measure.

We ambitiously tried pinpoint what makes genuinely ‘luxurious’ watches. How is a ‘luxury watch’ superior and why? Shouldn’t a watch just tell the time?

Well I double-dare you to ask any self-professed ‘watch geek’ that last question. You’ll probably be met with a strong “you just don’t get it”… or maybe a strong Marathon CSAR to the face (I certainly wouldn’t wish that upon anyone).

But I guess the question remains, why would one wish to spend often thousands of pounds on a small machine with arguably dated mechanical technology, which might tell less accurate time than a £20 quartz job?

I have been busy gathering opinions from colleagues and customers to help define for you, what ‘luxury’ really means when buying a watch and why you should consider your next luxury watch purchase with Page & Cooper.


Our first argument concerns ubiquity. Whilst we don’t often recognise it, many of our material luxuries today are produced en-masse; be it our phones, jeans or cars. One thing we all unanimously agreed upon here at HQ, is that a true luxury watch should be different, special, rare or personal in some way.

We are proud to bring watches from specialist and boutique manufacturers to market, which are specially made to the customer’s order or hand-assembled in limited quantities. This outstanding level of craftsmanship reassures the customer they are ordering a product that has had a lot of care, quality and time invested into it.

The DuBois et fils DBF005, in actual fact, is not only crafted by hand in Switzerland, but each colour option comprises a very small numbered edition of either 33 or 11. Every model is meticulously finished with a galvanised dial, a finely regulated chronograph movement developed entirely in-house and hand-stitched leather straps.


As with fine jewellery, rare precious metals can be incorporated into watch designs and master craftsmen built Sinn’s Meisterbund watch with solid 18-carat, palladium-alloyed white gold.

This is luxury at perhaps its most archetypal; the case is carefully polished and brushed, the anthracite dial is guillochéd and electroplated, and an exquisitely decorated UWE 33.1 hand-wound movement provides refined timekeeping.


However, luxury is not always aesthetic; it can be deeply tied to how the watch functions and the extent to which it might afford the wearer a watch which is going to perform better than the competition in particular environments and for certain purposes.

The Laco 55mm Observation Replica is a large watch, there is no question. However, what it does better than anything I have ever tried is simply tell the time. Perhaps the complexity required to achieve something so simple is ironic. The Laco 97 hand-winding movement is seriously upgraded; there is Incabloc shock protection, Glucydor screw balance and swan neck fine-adjustment, all housed in a comprehensively tested anti-magnetic casing.

Every single movement component is designed to do its job well, but the execution is so simple. There is no fussy text or inscription on the dial, no complication of which to speak of.


It was when speaking to a customer about the Laco 55mm Observation Replica recently that a moment of clarity struck me. In trying to define what a ‘luxury watch’ is, I realised the answer was startlingly simple.

As we all lead increasingly busy lives, time itself has become a luxury. So when you can take a moment or two to glance down and read it on a fine wristwatch, luxury can be defined by the way that your watch tells you the time. The way that a mechanical seconds hand glides effortlessly around the dial; the way that you carefully and ritualistically wind the movement every morning; the way that you feel when knowing your own individual watch was created with precision and care.

To find your very own luxury watch, please contact us today, and we will help you to decide.