What Page and Cooper Wear: Jonathan Bordell

What Page and Cooper Wear Jonathan's watch

Page and Cooper is a business created by watch enthusiasts for watch enthusiasts. We appreciate the care, craft and commitment given by our chosen manufacturers, every bit as much as you, our valued customers and friends do. And let us assure you that when choosing watches for ourselves we consider, ponder and ruminate as much as any of you. As part of a new series we will introduce you to the watches that we ourselves wear. Importantly, those we have bought with our own money!

First up is myself and my new Damasko DC66 Si Black.

Damasko DC66 Si Black

Let’s take a look at this watch which has just become a part of my own collection. We have been selling the Damasko brand for a number of years now and have many loyal fans who appreciate their delicate and precise engineering. A true commitment to excellence by the Damasko family. Why had I not joined the Damasko owners club thus far?

Well, truthfully there is just so much great choice. 3-hand, Chronograph, in-house, black dial, white full lume dial. Where to start? No matter how many watches pass through our hands, and it’s literally thousands, a certain watch will begin to lodge itself in your consciousness, and for me it was the Damasko DC66 Chronograph.

Damasko DC66 Si Black

I have enjoyed the great pleasure of spending days with the Damasko family in Germany and have observed, at close hand, the developments of their technology. Toughened steel cases, crowns and pushers bring obvious benefits but they also use one of my favourite chronograph movements, the legendary 7750. Of course if I chose the Si model this would be still further enhanced and subtly modified by the additions of a Damasko silicone hairspring, rotor and ceramic bearings and Chronometer grade regulation. It seemed silly not to make this my model of choice.

However, there is a little snag. Si and DK models (those with movement modification and in-house movements) are always in demand and there is always a waiting list so the watches are usually spoken for before they reach us. In fact I’ll make a little confession. I have ordered a DC66 Si not once but twice before. However, being in a business that always puts the customer first, “my” watch, sadly for me, has always ended up being supplied to customers' who just couldn’t wait to get their hands on one. At Page and Cooper we have many such customers!

Earlier this year, a very lovely lady visited the Page and Cooper Showroom and she selected and ordered a handsome DC66 Si for her boyfriend (lucky man!). However, by the time the watch had been delivered, they had, sadly, split. A DC66 here, and with no customer waiting! Now was my time. After some brief negotiation with my better half, I am pleased to say that the DC66 Si was mine and I’ve been enjoying it ever since. (And, by the way, another Damasko will be joining our family very soon. Yes, Mrs B is a fan too!). 

Damasko DC66 Watch

I always say that living with a watch on the wrist is very different from seeing it in photos or in a box. So here I submit some observations on my first few weeks with the DC66.

As you can see from the photos, I have a Damest black version. In fact this is my first black watch. There are three reasons why it is a good choice. One. Black is a great ‘blank canvas’ for changing straps and playing with colours as we enter the summer months. I’m having fun putting different Page & Cooper rubber NATO straps on each and every day. Two. The Damest black coating has a great semi-gloss finish to it. I like this. It gives a smoother and more ‘refined’ look. It accents the case in certain light and gives a much more multi-dimensional look to the case. Three. It’s Damasko tough and I will be giving this watch a rough, tough life over the next year or so and reporting back to you on how the watch and I get on together. It will be interesting to see!

Page and Cooper Damasko DC66

The DC66 case design is extremely well balanced and avoids the bulk that some chronographs exhibit. The thickness of the case is balanced across the wrist. It may be 42mm but it wears smaller and is very comfortable. Finally, it is my opinion that Damasko have captured the concept of the modern chronograph very well. It is clear, concise and easy to read. And, that Crystal! Damasko Crystals are amazingly clear. One could be forgiven for thinking that they had forgotten to fit it! And yes, mine has the standard AR coating, on both sides.

So, there you are. I hope you enjoyed reading about my Damasko DC66Si as much as I enjoy wearing it. Below you can watch my video review of the watch and listen to some more of my thoughts. If you enjoy it, do let us know

We will bringing you more 'What Page and Cooper Wear' very soon!