Wrapping Up the Year

And so, another year tick tocks to its close, and it is only at this time when we look back at the places we have travelled through the photos and videos we have taken, that we realise how 2017 flew by here at Page and Cooper. What a year it has been!

January, and we were joined by our good friends from Paris, MATWatches. MATWatches create tactical watches for the French Military, counting among their many users, the French Foreign Legion, the Raid Anti Terrorist Unit and the French Deminuer Bomb Disposal Unit. In a totally different vein, MATWatches produced a watch for Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson and the group’s personal ‘Tourliner’ Ed Force One.


February, and we at P&C introduced a very limited supply of the classic Vulcain 1947 Cricket. This was a recreation of the original 34mm Cricket in sterling silver. We also featured videos from our good friend and ladies fashion blogger Kristina. Kristina gave an interesting view from the growing community of female watch fans and how they view, choose and wear their watches. We have a band of female customers at P&C and it’s growing. A cold February and we flew in to snowy Switzerland to pay a visit to the House of DuBois in Basel. It was fascinating to work through their historic collection paying close attention not only to the Company’s heritage but also their exciting plans for the future. DuBois et fils produce in very small runs, some only just reaching double digits and each watch is produced to the highest standard of Swiss watchmaking skill. From Basel we took a train to beautiful Lucerne for our first meeting with Chronoswiss. This influential watchmaker is famed for its classically influenced regulator watches. It was absorbing to see the level of craft and skill displayed by a dedicated and delicate team of skilled watchmakers. There will be many exciting things to see from Chronoswiss in 2018. It was back to Switzerland for Baselworld and this time in true British style. Courtesy of Morgan cars, we drove a Morgan Roadster from London to Basel in one mad dash. An adventure to say the least, driving a light weight classic roadster with nearly 300 bhp per tonne through the rain....and snow. We made a diversion to visit the Schlumpf Collection, the World’s largest collection of Bugatti cars. Arriving at Basel early, we were lucky enough to gain access to the press preview. This gave us an opportunity to familiarise ourselves with latest developments form the world of watches on display. We were also to seize the moment and say hello to our many friends in the industry. We met up with our good friends from Laco and witnessed the excitement around this noted watchmaker from Pforzheim. We have been promoting watches from this classic aviation watchmaker for a number of years now and we are always impressed by the care and passion they show with every watch that passes through their hands. Their revolutionary Erbstück range of ‘aged’ watches has been a huge success with a number of notable collectors adding one to their collection. We also viewed the new Motorsport influenced Tachymeter Chronograph, the Hockenheim, and had a glimpse of the new bronze Erbstück models which have started to arrive in our hands as stock as we type this in December. MATWatches introduced their new limited edition French Foreign Legion Chronograph and also the three hand AG7 XL. Whilst at Basel we visited our colleagues at Sinn Uhren. There were many new models including the new and exciting EZM12 for medical professionals.


In March, we continued our involvement with our chosen Charity, the Teenage Cancer Trust. During the week long series of concerts at the Albert Hall we were lucky to see Ed Sheeran, a long term supporter and watch fan. Also in attendance were the Pet Shop Boys.

In April, we expanded our links with the motoring world. Lexus introduced us to their world of very special cars designed not for mass appeal but for individuals looking for something unique to them with the emphasis on fine craft (and we share this philosophy through the watch brands that we at Page and Cooper promote). We were allowed to test drive and report on the superb V8 of the GSF Performance saloon.

In May, we filmed at our workshops and service centre. We explained why it is so important to care for your trusted timepieces. At this time we also began training for Sinn servicing. Two Sinn engineers spent several days in the workshop and carried out the installation of specialised equipment. Although a considerable investment for us, the fact that we are now official Sinn Service Centre for the UK enables us to provide the best of Sinn service within the UK. MatWatches came over from Paris in May and invited us to be their guests at the 02. We saw a performance by Iron Maiden together. What a great show, and a real privilege to spend some time with members of the band afterwards.

In June, we made our first long haul visit to the Marathon Watch Company in Canada. Marathon have become an important partner and we wanted to see their operation at first hand and learn how they supply their many military and institutional clients. We were shown their fascinating archive and learned of future planned production. Watch this space!


It was in August that Page and Cooper announced our first joint limited edition with Sinn watches, The BLU1. This was to celebrate a half decade of working together with our Frankfurt partners and the announcement of the opening of our Sinn Servicing Facility in the UK. The BLU1 sold out in just 17 hours. We believe a limited edition should be just that and these very special timepieces have all found great homes.


September. This month we took pride in re-introducing the fabulous Chronoswiss brand back to the UK market. Chronoswiss were founded by one of the most influential watchmakers of the last forty years, Gerd Lang. You just have to set eyes on a Chronoswiss watch to appreciate the beauty, the delicacy and the craftsmanship on offer. Just take a look at the jumping hour flying regulator. Its beauty reveals more and more with every glance. 2018 will be an exciting year with Chronoswiss and Page and Cooper. At Page and Cooper, we are indeed fortunate to have so many influential friends and clients within the watch industry. Josh and I were thrilled to be given an exclusive hands on preview with the one and only Paul Newman Rolex Daytona. Regardless of the price this watch made at auction which was an incredible $17.75 million dollars, was the fact that interest in mechanical wrist watches continues to grow and that is something we should all celebrate.

October. The new Damasko DC80 with heavily modified centre mounted Chronograph. An incredible achievement from the Damasko family who make so much of their watches ‘in-house’. And, if we dare say so, incredible value.

damasko watch

In November, we were invited to visit the new Sinn Manufactory. To see how the company is growing, we were given an all tour covering all areas of production and we were allowed to film. We hope to bring you our exclusive video very soon!

December, and we are able to add another special French watchmaker to the Page and Cooper family. The historic aviation specialists, Dodane. Heritage, design and quality are superb and we know that many of our collectors will enjoy adding one of their classic French Flyback watches to their collections very soon.

A hugely busy and engrossing year made possible only by loyal customers and supporters like yourselves without whom none of our passion to bring true, individual, passionate craftsmen to the attention of the watch buying public would be possible. 

At Page and Cooper we sell nothing but watches, we service nothing but watches, we talk nothing but watches. 2018 is going to just as exciting, we can’t wait to share all our news with you, Give us a call.

May we wish every one of you a very merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.