Yema - Historic French Watches Since 1948

Our many contacts in the horological industry know just how much we strive to introduce watches new to us, and made with pride, passion and precision.

Allow us to introduce you to the newest brand which fulfils all of our criteria. YEMA.
Founder Henry Louis Belmont graduated top of his class from the National Watchmaking School of Besançon in 1931. After a lifetime of working in the industry, soon after the end of the Second World War, Belmont decided to form his own company so that he could, at last, put his own ideas about watchmaking into being. Rumour has it that the name of the brand was born of the imagination of a teenager in a school contest. Without realising it, the young student imagined a name that would grow in time to become synonymous with the finest French watchmaking.


SUPERMAN-the birth of a myth.
In 1963 Yema introduced the first of these watches for diving professionals. 300m waterproofing and a safety brake stop (bezel-lock) made it distinctive, unique. Considered indestructible, the Superman was chosen by the French Air Force to equip its pilots.


1966 saw the introduction of this timepiece which was specifically designed for members and competitors from the sailing fraternity. An automatic Chronograph (Valjoux movement), waterproofed to 200m and showing regatta time. This model has been updated six times over the years, retaining its popularity whilst introducing and incorporating new features as they become available.


Also a 1966 release, this watch was especially developed to the demands of racing circuit drivers. Formula 1 driver Mario Andretti wore one and several variants were dictated by other users. The watch dials in particular became highly personalised. By the late 1960's, Yema were the leading exporters of French watches. More than 500,000 per year were needed to fulfil demand. In 1982, French Spaceman Jean-Loup Chretien flew from the Baikonour base on a 10 day mission. On his wrist he wore the very first French watch in space, the Yema Spationaute 1. In 1985, the Discovery shuttle launched with Patrick Baudry wearing his Yema Spationaute 11 for the first Franco-American orbital flight.

In 1986, Yema joined Jean-Louise Etienne, a French adventurer, during his 800km solo trip across the North Pole. First human in history to achieve this. A special tool-watch was created especially for the occasion. One resistant to cold temperature extremes. Thanks to its titanium case, this watch also had a system to avoid the magnetic changes.

Advanced ‘in house’ CALIBER
In 2009, after an investment of €3 million and 4 years of research and development, Yema released its in-house self winding mechanical movement. The MBP 1000, which was assembled in house at the Moreau workshops.


And so to 2017. PROXIMA SPACE MISSION. France’s 10th astronaut journey into space. Yema collaborated in creating a brand new model to honour the new mission, the Yema Spacegraf.

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