Zodiac Watches Are Coming To London March 17th

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On the 17th March 2020, the legendary Swiss watch brand Zodiac are coming to London,
and we guarantee them a warm welcome.

At Page and Cooper we love watches. They are what make us ‘tick’ and Zodiac are one of our leading brands.

For us, putting watches on wrists is what we are all about and the chance to put customers together with the men and women who construct them is the ultimate! Any questions you have about the brand? Just ask them yourselves! The last event we held in London with Zodiac was a great success and we are confident that this one will be even better.

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We will be joined not only by the Swiss team, but by the Director of the Global Brand Management of Zodiac, T J McKnight, who travels all the way from Austin Texas to be with us. This is your opportunity to learn about Zodiac, past, present and future. For us, it’s been a crazy couple of years with the Zodiac brand and sales have gone from strength to strength. Many editions are now sold out and are appearing on the pre-owned market commanding hefty premiums. So, don’t rely on Internet forums or conjecture for your information. Ask the architects of the brand yourselves.

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Page and Cooper are hosting this event with our good friend Armand the Watch Chronicler. We will use his unrivalled knowledge to really get ‘inside’ the brand. There will be a question and answer opportunity between Jonathan from P&C, Armand, and TJ from Zodiac.

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Zodiac will be bringing their vintage collection, which always attracts attention. But on this evening, we will be announcing a WORLD EXCLUSIVE LAUNCH. We promise that what we reveal will prove very exciting to watch buffs everywhere. As we type this blog, we are hearing that Baselworld has now been cancelled and so this Page and Cooper event may well provide the only opportunity to see the new Zodiac 2020 releases!

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