One to Watch

Episode 1

Page & Cooper invite you to relish thirty minutes of never-before-heard, intimate conversation with industry enthusiasts and featuring some of the worlds most exclusive watch brands.

Their stories, deserved of your full attention will take you on a gratifying journey into the past and future of watchmaking.

Page & Cooper One To Watch

Discover how Vulcain looked to nature to solve an age old watch dilemma. Then come along with us to SalonQP, before sitting down for lunch with journalist Mark McArthur-Christie and Fifth Gear's Jonny Smith as they debate the smart watch and the future of the watchmaking world...

Page & Cooper One To Watch
Jonathan Bordell


Your host - Jonathan Bordell - is the Director of Page & Cooper. Passionate about intriguing watches and the people who make them.

Jonathan Bordell


Vulcain's International Sales Manager, Thibaut Sacre, joined the brand almost five years ago. Representing this unique brand, worn by every American president since Harry S. Truman.

Jonathan Bordell


Presenter of iconic car review show Fifth Gear, and motoring journalist, Jonny Smith has a natural inclination to explore and understand engineering in all guises.

Jonathan Bordell


Accomplished journalist and published author Mark McArthur-Christie has many a string to his eloquent bow. He considers vintage digital watches, his guilty pleasure.