One to Watch

Episode 2

Page & Cooper invite you to relish thirty minutes of never-before-heard, intimate conversation with industry enthusiasts and featuring some of the worlds most exclusive watch brands.

Their stories, deserved of your full attention will take you on a gratifying journey into the past and future of watchmaking.

Page & Cooper One To Watch

Join Jonathan alongside watch expert and auctioneer Paul Maudsley, as he discusses his fondness for Autodromo watches.

Then meet Bradley Price, the founder and designer of Autodromo Watches. He takes us through the latest watch from Autodromo, and discusses the ever-loving relationship between racing and watches.

Then we head back over to Paul, as he takes us through some of the most intriguing steel chronographs from his collection…

Page & Cooper One To Watch
Jonathan Bordell


UK Director and International Watch Specialist for Phillips Auction House. Paul is also an avid fan of motoring and classic watch collecting.

Jonathan Bordell


Founder and designer of Autodromo Watches. Bradley’s lifelong love of racing, and classic Italian sports cars more specifically, were the inspiration behind the Autodromo brand.