The concept of luxury in the 21st century is very different from what it used to be. Nowadays, luxury is often defined by marketing and price, rather than by quality and exclusivity - a situation that Page and Cooper endeavours to address.

The Page & Cooper Story

by Simon de Burton

In selecting the items Page and Cooper offer, the firm's managing director, Jonathan Bordell aims to ensure that they fulfil a set of basic criteria of being well designed, beautifully made, rare, long lasting and importantly offer value for money.

You will not find the majority of the items available through Page and Cooper for sale on the high street or advertised in the national press, largely because they are niche products made by small, independent companies using traditional skills - companies that are more interested in creativity and heritage than in promoting their achievements.

Page and Cooper story

Jonathan arrived at Page and Cooper via a long and varied career in which he learned the underlying values of luxury, initially working with an iconic central London department store.

He later joined an agency where he worked specifically on sourcing high-end homes for some of the world's wealthiest individuals, providing them with a full, turnkey service that encompassed everything from arranging chauffeur-driven viewings through to the completion of purchase.

And it was during trips to high-end classic car events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Italy's Concorso d'Eleganza at Villa d'Este that he began to explore the ever-increasing crossover between collectable cars and classically made wristwatches. What he discovered was that it is often the story behind such watches which makes people want to own them - and the less well known the story, the better.

As with cars, Jonathan's interest in horology had been long-standing (his grandfather had been a watchmaker in London's East End), so he set out to discover the niche brands that might appeal to like-minded enthusiasts and now spends a considerable amount of time seeking out small, low-volume, often little-known watchmakers.

Page and Cooper Story 2

All watches offered by Page and Cooper come from ateliers which have been personally visited by Jonathan and invariably, have fascinating, little known stories behind them. They offer buyers an opportunity to indulge their horological passion on a relatively affordable scale - something at the very heart of Page and Cooper's remit.

The same philosophy applies to Page and Cooper's other products, be they exquisitely crafted scale car models, hand stitched leather luggage or retro inspired motoring clothes.

In every case, Jonathan is willing and able to provide a rare level of technical expertise and advice which should help to ensure that the next high-end object you buy will be exactly the one you want. It's personal service in the best tradition, pure and simple.

So, if your definition of luxury extends to objects which are made with integrity, craftsmanship, style and a sense of history, there's a good chance we'll have something you'll like. And even if we don't, we can probably find it.