Model SP-5072-01 By Spinnaker
Spinnaker Hull Riviera
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The Hull Riviera echoes the romance, beauty and nautically rugged good looks of its namesake. A dedication to stringent build and manufacture married with the irreverent flair of vintage luxury watchmaking results in a timepiece imbibed with style and substance.

The case is treated with the right combination of high polish and brush finishes to show off each carefully articulated detail of shape and form.

A fumeé, subtly sunburst pattern dial is still balanced as to add a subtle vintage inspired sophistication without overt distraction from harmony of the watch.

With a nod to the sparkling coastlines of France and Italy, the Hull Riviera blends the right elements of luxury, performance and a rugged, rakish style for a nautically inspired timepiece. Experience the impressive duality of a watch that wears comfortably with a tailored suit while being able to perform in a wetsuit.

2 years

Product Specification

Brand: Spinnaker
Series: Hull
Diameter: 42mm
Dial Colour: Cream
Dial Glass: Mineral Crystal
Case Material: Stainless Steel with Black Finish
Strap Material: Leather
Strap Colour: Black
Strap Width: 22mm
Movement: Automatic
Water Resistance: 100m

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