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Hailing from one of the largest watchmaking town in the world, Hanhart watches have become synonymous for their accuracy, simplicity, and reliability.
Not just a beautifully made watch, Hanhart is a watch brand built on innovation. In 1924, they made history with the world’s first reasonably priced mechanical stopwatch. Before this time, stopwatches were incredibly expensive, unreliable, and often built to order.
By the 1960s, the Swiss-German manufacturer became Europe’s largest producer of mechanical stopwatches, all while pioneering their now famous Pilots Chronographs.

A Famous Following

Hanhart stopwatches aside, the Hanhart Primus Pilot, the Racemaster Series and the Hanhart Pioneer Series are especially sought after.
Admired by the likes of Steve McQueen who wore Hanhart watches almost religiously, you are in good company.
We are privileged to be one of the few Hanhart dealers in the world.

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Hanhart Watches

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