MATwatches - SEA, AIR, LAND

MATWatches are expertly crafted to fulfil the exacting requirements of the French Special Forces.

Passion, precision, know-how, and self-discipline. These are the traits MATWatches share with the world of watchmaking. The same reasons they are the number one choice of some of the worlds most prestigious military units.

MATWatches on the wrist. Boots on the ground

MATWatches have proved their worth in action with various military units in the French army’s many theatres of operation.

So impressed by the superb performance, robustness, and easy-to-read dials of these automatic mechanical instruments, the demand for MATWatches timepieces spread.

Trusted by the French Special Operations Command and Control Centre, the Paris Fire Brigade, and the mine clearance unit, with special features added to meet the specific requirements of these varied fields of work.

As one of the last independent French watchmakers, Page and Cooper are delighted to be a part of the story, and now you can be too.

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MATWatches - Military Watches

£1,841.67 Ex. VAT £2,210.00 Inc. VAT
£1,841.67 Ex. VAT £2,210.00 Inc. VAT