Sinn Watches, Watch engineers

Ever since 1961 Sinn Spezialuhren have been devising unique technical solutions for some of the World’s most challenging environments creating an extraordinary range of desirable watches which are suitable for all situations - from the depths of the ocean to the vastness of space.

Optimum performance

Page and Cooper are proud to be appointed authorised dealers for Sinn watches; we also handle aftersales and servicing matters to guarantee that our customers always have optimum performance. We visit the factory several times a year to work with the company on forthcoming special projects and offer the opportunity to customise your watch.

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Sinn Watches

£1,554.17 Ex. VAT £1,865.00 Inc. VAT
£1,612.50 Ex. VAT £1,935.00 Inc. VAT
£2,054.17 Ex. VAT £2,465.00 Inc. VAT
£2,116.67 Ex. VAT £2,540.00 Inc. VAT