Triton Diving Watches, It's Back

Triton was founded in 1963 by Jean Rene Parmentier a former Colonel in the French Air Force who was a passionate watch enthusiast who designed a case where the crown was positioned at 12 o’clock and protected by a hinged crown protector which formed part of the case. When worn on the wrist this arrangement had the double benefit of protecting the crown and making the watch extremely comfortable to wear.

An Original Classic

The Triton Watch was offered for purchase alongside other legendary brands such as the Rolex Submariner and as you will see from the original 60’s print advert the Triton was more expensive than the equivalent Rolex or Tudor submariners. The new Triton Subphotique Divers Watch is a faithful recreation of the original and a truly exceptional watch, an exceptional example of fine Swiss Watchmaking. But don’t take our word for it, come visit to see Triton, hold it in your hand, and make up your own mind. We know you won’t be disappointed.

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Triton Watches

Limited Edition
£4,012.50 Ex. VAT £4,815.00 Inc. VAT