Undone Watches, Style and Choice

Watch brand UNDONE is made up of a close knit team of watch craftsmen, designers and above all, enthusiasts who have successfully created their own niche within the industry. They are unique in putting less emphasis on the brand itself but more on the style and choice of the individual.

Chronographs of the 1960’s

The ‘Urban’ is inspired by classic chronographs of the 1960’s and is offered in 5 options; Speedy, Killy, Aura, Newman and Navi. The classic and elegant Mystique offers fumé dials and to complete the trio comes the Aqua, a tribute to the golden era of divers watches but with a modern twist. UNDONE also offers a customisation service whereby you, the customer can create your own watch. Just contact us for further details.

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Undone Watches

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