Page and Cooper Watch, Valuables & Passport Holder Red

Model By Page And Cooper
Page and Cooper Watch, Valuables & Passport Holder Red
Page and Cooper Watch, Valuables & Passport Holder Red
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If you are like us and like to travel with more than one watch and perhaps some jewellery for special occasions, it is always a conundrum as to the safest way to travel with your treasured possessions.

Hopefully we at Page and Cooper have come up with an answer.

Designed in collaboration by a designer from Milan and hand made in Italy, our travel wallet contains two secure pouches for watches, earring and ring holders, space for passports, travel documents and valuables.

When you next pass through security, your watches, valuables, travel documents and other valuables are in one discreet but elegant package. So the next time you remove your shoes, belts, mobile phone etc., don't resort to putting your prized possessions in the plastic bucket, our travel wallet can contain and protect them all.

Of course it is also a good way to store your valuable in the hotel room safe.

Length: 30cm / 12in
Width: 14.5cm / 5.5in

Product Specification

Brand: Page And Cooper
Colour: Red

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